Board of Directors

The board of directors of the Music Foundation has two important functions: to choose the prize-winners and to ensure that the assets of the foundation are administered in such a way that they develop and are used in accordance with the objectives set out in the charter.

The members of the board are appointed for four years – three of them by three of the country’s largest musical institutions: The Royal Danish Academy of Music, The Royal Danish Theatre and Danmarks Radio. When they first meet for a board meeting they have to choose a lawyer/secretariat as well as a representative from ‘the free musical life’ (i.e. the musical life that is not institutionalised), though this is not to be understood as meaning that this member represents all of Danish musical life.

The members of the board are naturally expected to have an overview of international musical life so that they are able to come with relevant proposals for prize-winners. It is also necessary for them to have an updated awareness of what it happening in the field of young musical talent, as each year grants are awarded to young music students for a total sum that matches that of the music prize.

The present members of the board of directors (2012-16)

Esben Tange (b. 1962)

Esben TangeMember of the board since 2004, chosen by Danmarks Radio, since 2012 also the committee chairman. He has an MA in musicology and media science. From 1995 employed at Danmarks Radio, from 2007 as radio host and editor with responsibility for, among other things, concert presentation. In addition, Esben Tange is artistic leader of the Rued Langgaard Festival, lecturer and has written articles about, in particular, music around 1900.  

Torsten Hoffmeyer (b. 1956)

Bestyrelse 2has, in his capacity as lawyer, taken care of the secretariat of the Music Foundation since 1992. He holds an LLM degree from 1980 and is entitled to plead before the Supreme Court. He is also a partner in the Horten Law Firm. As a lawyer, he mainly functions as a consultant for privately owned, foundation owned and stock-exchange-quoted companies. He is a member of various other executive committees.

Steen Frederiksen (b. 1943)

Bestyrelse 3has been a member of the Music Foundation’s board of directors since 1992, was its chairman from 2002 to 2012, since when he has been vice-chairman. He holds an MA in music and art history, was employed by Danmarks Radio in 1974, has been head of music from 1982 and head of P2musik from 1984. Chairman of EBU’s (The European Broadcasting Union) music collaboration from 1992 to 2004. Author of ‘Pris på musikken’ (Prizing Music) about the Léonie Sonning Music Foundation, as well as other books.

Bertel Krarup (b. 1947)

Bestyrelse 4has been a member of the board since 2008. Music theorist and music historian, from 1980 senior lecturer at The Funen Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, from 1989 principal there, and from 2007 principal of The Royal Danish Academy of Music. Bertel Krarup has contributed to research publications and written articles about new and contemporary music for both music journals and specialist encyclopaedias. 

Michael Schønwandt (b. 1953)

Bestyrelse 5has been a member of the board since 1998, chosen by The Royal Opera. Michael Schønwandt qualified in London, from 1979 conductor of the orchestra at The Royal Opera and subsequently artistic leader of Collegium Musicum, chief conductor in Nice and and of The Danish National Symphony Orchestra. Later, chief conductor of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, The Dutch Radio’s Chamber Philharmonic and in 2000-2011 Music Directorand chief conductor of The Royal Theatre.  Michael Schønwandt is conducting all over Europe and among other things conducted the recent version at the Royal Danish Opera of Wagner’s Ring Cycle - also to be found in a DVD-recording.

Katrine Ganer Skaug (b. 1971)

Katrine Ganer Skaug.jpgHolds a master’s degree (cand.philol.) in musicology from the University of Oslo and has a background as a music journalist, also for Norwegian Radio (NRK P2). She has also been active as a musician and as a teacher of the history of music and aural training. She has cooperated on programme work for a number of festivals where the focus has been on new music, such as MAGMA 2002 Berlin, the International Church Music Festival in Kristiansand and Nordic Music Days. From 2003 to 2007, she was general secretary of the Council of Nordic Composers, which involved her in in-depth network activities between Nordic and international musical life. In 2008, she became director of the young orchestra Orkester Norden, a position she held until she was made artistic administrator and director of Esbjerg Ensemble in 2012.